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trendmockicons's Journal

Trend Mocking Icons
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Yes, another icon community.

This one is for trends.. and mocking said trends.

Like the "O RLY?" owls. or the "team whoever" icons.

Also, trends like.. well.. just trends in general.

Like to mock uggs and have some talent with photoshop/psp? Welcome aboard.

Individual icon makers may have different rules for credit, but to be safe, take something, credit the icon maker. It isn't required, it can't be inforced, but it is the polite thing to do.

No advertizing other communities without moderator clearance.

All posts must contain icons or other lj graphics, unless they're mod posts.

Anyone can join, all posts by non admin/mods are screened.

Any icons that show graphic sex, violence, etc must be placed behind a cut.

do not claim someone elses icon as your own work. Do not post other people's icons as bases.

I don't really give a crap beyond that.

More rules may be added later.

Enjoy and feel the snarky love.